March Micro Madness: Let the games begin!

I hope you have your brackets filled out because it is time to see how these dev kits fare. Each match has a randomly selected criteria. I haven’t looked to see who the winners are so you are seeing the start of the games right now. (I’ll update this post when I’m done, any ties will be broken by coin toss by Chris Svec).

  • Raspberry Pi 3 vs. 1996 HP OmniBook: Number of processors in shippable stock as viewed on Digikey
  • Raspberry Pie vs. Intel Edison: Size of RAM
  • PINE 64 vs. Raspberry Zero: Total number of processor in shippable stock as viewed on findchips
  • Apple IIe vs. BeagleBone Black: Lowest price of the processor as found on
  • PyBoard vs. Teensy 3.2: Size of RAM
  • Arduino Due vs. ATSAML21-XPRO: Price of dev kit at Adafruit (or Sparkfun)
  • mbed LPC1768 vs. NUCLEO-F401RE: Price per MIP
  • FRDM-KL25Z vs. PSoC 4 BLE: Price of dev kit at Adafruit (or Sparkfun)
  • SparkFun nRF52832 vs. Particle Photon: Price of dev kit at Amazon
  • OSHChip vs. ESP8266: Number of hits in google for the processor
  • Blue Bean vs. Electric Imp: Likelihood of fruit filling
  • BLE Nano vs. Adafruit Feather Huzzah: Number of pixels on the device
  • Ardunio UNO vs. Propeller P8X32A: Price per MIP
  • Adafruit Trinket vs. Basic Stamp 2: Number of pages of the getting started guide pdf
  • MicroView OLED vs. Lilypad Atmega 32V4: Number of processors in stock in the first line of the first table on
  • BitWhacker PIC18F2553 vs. AT89STK-11: Supported by mbed compiler
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