🎉 Module 2 is live! 🎉

You can level up your interaction animations today
. Check out what you get!

  • Touch and hover animations
  • Animating links
  • Animating tooltips
  • Revealing content on hover
  • Animating buttons
  • Examples to download

But wait, there’s more!

Get the course for just $1

This Friday 10 lucky people will be selected to buy this course for just $1.

There are three ways you can win. Pick one, or you can maximise your chances by doing all three:



Be quick! This competition closes on Friday, 21st April at 12pm GMT.

Price going up soon

This Friday the price for the course will go up. You can get the course for just $100 right now, but on Friday it’ll go up to $140. [Sign up now]((http://courses.cssanimation.rocks/p/level-up) and get lifetime access to all current and future content, as well as help and support in our exclusive Slack channel!

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