Intel targets 8th Gen Core laptop processors at video editors and VR fans

Intel is unveiling the first batch of its eighth generation Core processors , which are targeted at laptop users who like to do video editing or run virtual reality apps. The chips should also be plenty good for new kinds of gaming laptops.

Santa Clara, California-based Intel said the chips have 40 percent better performance than the previous-generation Core processors.

Intel estimates there are 450 million PCs that are older than five years, and these new processors are two times faster than those 5-year-old processors, said Gregory Bryant, senior vice president and general manager of the Client Computing Group at Intel, in a blog post .

Above: A photo of the Intel 8th Gen Core processor.

Image Credit: Intel

He said they will fits into laptops than are less than 11 millimeters thick, and be able to run 4K content, VR apps, and mixed reality technology. Bryant said that Intel wants to make this kind of tech accessible to everyone, starting with mobile processors designed for thin-and-light laptops.

Rival Advanced Micro Devices recently claimed the speed crown with the fastest desktop processors, but Intel believes its fastest upcoming desktop chips will beat AMD’s fastest.

The initial chips are targeted and thin-and-light laptops and 2-in1s, which can be converted into tablets. The processors have four cores, but some low-end members of the family no longer use hyperthreading.

“These improvements also open the door to richer, more immersive entertainment, and an experience that is optimized for simplicity,” Bryant wrote.

And the battery life is better. These machines can run 4K UltraHD video for up to 10 hours on a single charge.

If you’re editing photos, you will be able to do it 48 percent faster on 8th-generation processors compared to the processors Intel released last year. Video editing is 14.7 times faster than a five-year-old PC. So rendering a scene that took 45 minutes before can now be done in three minutes.

You can watch video shows in 4K UHD resolution and use Thunderbolt 3 external graphics for better gaming and VR.

Above: Intel’s new Core i7 is the top of the line of its new 8th generation laptop chips.

Image Credit: Intel

The first wave of 8th Gen Intel Core machines will hit the market in September. More than 145 models should be available with the new Core i5 and Core i7 processors. 8th Gen Intel Core processors will continue to roll out through the coming months, with the first desktop processors coming in the fall, followed by processors for

enterprise customers and a broad range of other options purpose-built for different segments.

The 8th Gen family will include some of Intel’s first chips based on its 10-nanometer manufacturing process.

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