OpenStack gender/diversity technical contributions analysis

Since last OpenStack Summit in Tokyo we were wondering at Bitergia if we could mix our knowledge on Software Development Metrics and some research we had done about gender/diversity contributions in Debian long time ago. Daniel started working on it, and he submitted a talk for OpenStack Summit in Austin that got accepted !

As an early preview for the talk, here goes a brief infographic with some figures and charts:

You can find more info in Daniel’s interview for and of course, during the talk (slides will be available on Thu. 28 th ).

If you are interested in getting a similar gender/diversity report for your project/communitylet us know. If you want to know more about how to run Software Development Analytics for your projects, this workshop is for you

Note : Sadly, we weren’t able to add the #itwasneveradress icon in the infographic.. We ♥ superheroines

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