Safari for Windows? Download & Run Safari in Windows…. If You Must

Some Windows users may wish to run the Apple Safari web browser on a Windows PC. Usually this is developers or designers who need to confirm compatibility or to support a particular end user experience with the older Safari PC browser.

Well there’s good news if that describes you; it turns out that you can download, install, and run Safari on Windows still, even running Safari on Windows 10. But there’s bad news too, and a bit of a catch: it’s an old version from 2012. This is because Apple discontinued development of Safari for Windows several years ago, and thus current Safari for Window version is dated, missing many features, isn’t up to date with security patches, and likely has some other issues too. Accordingly, it is not appropriate for most users to download and install Safari in Windows, but it is available if you need it for whatever reason.

The version of Safari for Windows you can still download and install is Safari 5.1.7 and it installs and runs onWindows 10, Windows 8, or Windows 7 without incident. Despite being many versions behind what’s available on a Mac, Safari in Windows runs fine, though since it’s an earlier web browser version from some years ago you will find that some of the newer fancier rich web features are not supported, and there are numerous potential security flaws. This is not recommended to use by typical users or as a typical browser on a PC.

Only advanced users, developers, designers, and compatibility testers who specifically need Safari on Windows for a particular reason should bother to install and run Safari within Windows.

How to Download, Install, Run Safari in Windows

  1. From a Windows PC, open any web browser and then visit this link at

  3. Choose to save the SafariSetup.exe
  4. When SafariSetup.exe is finished downloading, choose to ‘Run’ the installer and walk through the typical Windows installer as usual
  5. Choose to install Safari for Windows, be sure to uncheck making it the default browser and avoid installing any other software with it – remember this is an old version
  6. When Safari installation is complete, launch Safari in Windows, it is ready to use

Remember, this is an old version of Safari, it is not supported by Apple, it is no longer in development, and it has been abandoned. You’re entirely on your own if you want to run Safari in Windows. Don’t do anything important or serious with it, remember as an old version it is lacking many modern web technologies, it has not been patched for modern security and privacy issues, and there could be a host of other problems. This is really only for advanced users.

Why download and install Safari for Windows? Why run old Safari versions today?

You’re probably wondering, why bother downloading and installing Safari for Windows, when it hasn’t been supported or in active development for years? The answer for most users is; you don’t need it.

But, for other advanced users, like developers, designers, compatibility testers, support techs, and other similar situations, it can be necessary to have older browsers available for testing purposes or for supporting a particular client. That’s a bit like how some Mac users runold IE versions along with new releases of IE likeInternet Explorer 11 or Microsoft Edge in Mac OS too for the same testing purposes – it’s not relevant for most people, but some need it for various reasons.

Should you use Safari for Windows full time? No, most certainly not. If you’re a Windows user in need of a web browser you would be better off running Edge, IE, Chrome, or Firefox, simply because those browsers are still maintained while Safari for Windows is not. Nonetheless, if you do need it, you can run Safari on a PC if you need to for whatever reason.

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