BSides Columbus 2017 Videos

BSides Columbus 2017 Videos

These are the videos from the BSides Columbus Ohio

conference. Thanks to Michael Spaulding for having me up and those who manned the video rigs.

Learning From Pirates of the Late 1600s – The first APT

Adam Hogan

What I Learned About Cybersecurity by Training With US Navy SEALs

Matthew Curtin

Cross Origin Resource Sharing Kung fu

Aditya Balapure

Redefining Security in a Cloud Centric Future

Mike Spaulding

Automating Security in Building Software

Warner Moore

Planning and Executing a Red Team Engagement

Timothy Wright

DNSSec Explained!

Dan Benway

Midwestern Nice – Stereotype or Enterprise Threat?

Valerie Thomas

Information Security Talent Trends to expect in 2017

Megan Wells AJ Candella

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