Hugo Octopress Update

I have made a good number of changes to the Hugo-Octopress
theme. As I have been using the theme more and more, I have realized there were a bunch of bugs (some were pointed out on Github).

Apart from Bugs, I had hardcoded too many settings in the theme. For example, modifying the text in the sidebar could only be accomplished by changing the sidebar template. Ideally user should not need to modify anything in the theme and it should be customizable by just using the config file.

In the end I created a bunch of issues on Github and then closed them myself. I am not quite sure if this is correct git
but eh :D


  • Number of recent posts in sidebar is now fetched from the config file. Default is five.
  • Users can override theme css using their own css file.
  • Sidebar header and text can be customized in the config file.
  • Replaced hardcoded generator tag in header with Hugo function.
  • Reduced blockquote font size.
  • Reduced H1 and H2 sizes in article body. They can now be used in articles to generate a proper table of contents.
  • Theme now supports adding Table of Contents to posts. It can be either set globally in the config file or added in the page frontmatter using toc: true
  • 404.html page can be customized via the config file.
  • Disqus template will only be injected into posts if disqus shortname is set in the config file. Comments can be disabled for each page by adding comments: false
    in its frontmatter.

There’s one big problem, I cannot use Hugo variables in the config file, because I pass everything to the markdownify

I also changed a bit of my runme.bat
file. It deletes the post
folder (because everything is under blog). It also deletes the xml files generated for categories and tags. I have one xml file for the main RSS feed, tags and categories do not need RSS feed. These actions reduced the complete size of my blog from 17MB to 11MB.

That was it, if you want a feature or find a bug please create an issue on Github or email me or leave a comment or send smoke signals.

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