React Newsletter – Issue 88 – Oct 12th 2017

Debounce Your React and Redux Code to Improve Performance

A debounce is a tool that every web developer should have in their kit. It improves performance by limiting the number of expensive calculations, API calls, and DOM updates. Although the debounce technique has been around for years, it’s still a great option to employ with modern libraries and frameworks. In this article, you’ll learn how to use Debounce to improve the perf of your React and Redux code.

React, Inline Functions, and Performance

Turns out, inline functions in your render method aren’t your performance bottleneck. This article explains why.

React Elements vs React Components

A guide to understanding the difference between Components and Elements in React.

Create React App with an Express Backend

If you haven’t heard of it yet, Create React App is an awesome way to get started with React. But what if your app isn’t purely frontend? What if you need to connect to a backend server? Create React App has you covered. In this post you’ll set up a React app alongside an Express backend app, and wire up the UI to fetch some data from the backend.

Case study of SSR with React in a large e-commerce app

SSR with React is hard. This article makes it a bit easier though. In this case study you will learn: Concrete tips for handling issues that can occur while implementing SSR, the approach we used to go from knowing nothing about SSR to have it implemented in production, and the thought process behind our decision making.

End-to-end testing on a React-Redux app

Dario struggled for some time around the end-to-end testing setup in my React-Redux app. He came out with some ideas and a workflow that he would like to share. This article is how it works.

React SSR

Struggling with SSR in React? This article’s purpose is to climb up the steps of developing an SSR React app from scratch.

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