Adding a Format SQL Button to the Redgate Toolbar

I’ve gotten used to CTRL+K,Y to format SQL with SQL Prompt, but a customer wanted a button on the toolbar. It’s fairly easy to do, but I thought I should document the process for others.

First, if you click the small area on the right of a toolbar in SSMS, you’ll get an “Add or Remove Buttons” menu, as shown here.

If you click that, you’ll see this dialog.

In this case, I’m happy with the buttons, I want to customize my toolbar. Click that option. This opens up the dialog below, and I’ll want to click the “add Command” to add a menu item as a button.

From here, I get a list of all SSMS menus. In this case, I’ve clicked the Dimension item, and I can see all the possible menu items on the right.

However, I want a SQL Prompt item, so I need to scroll down the left to SQL Prompt. Once I click that, I see the commands on the right,

Now scroll the right to find Format SQL.

Click OK and then your new button appears in the list.

And on the toolbar.

Now you GUI clickers can reformat SQL quickly.

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