Sql Query to get the column name of another table

How do I get the column names of the query selected in MySQL?

Is it possible to get the column names using a query in MySQL? For example, I have a SELECT query: SELECT name AS ‘name’, surname AS ‘col1’, last_name AS ‘col2’ FROM tb_people; So, I want to get “Only with one SQL query” like: Columns or alias o

How do I get the column names from the table at run time in C #?

Lets say I have a table in SQLServer named MyTable ID FirstName LastName 1 Harry Dan 2 Maria Vicente 3 Joe Martin Now if I have to insert any data in table, I will simply fire Insert Query like this INSERT INTO MyTable (ID, FirstName, LastName) VALUE

How do I get the column name of a value in PostgreSQL?

Suppose we have 3 tables: Table1: ID FrenchCity 1 Paris 2 Lille 3 Lyon Table2: ID IntlCity 1 Lille 2 Geneva 3 Toulouse Table3: ID BritishCity 1 London 2 Leeds I would like to get the column name correspondent with a value. For instance, I give a valu

MySQL – Get the column names from the table and display them (using PHP)

I want to take the column names from a table and display them, so i can compare them later. To get the names, i tried: $entry = mysqli_query($con, ‘SHOW COLUMNS FROM table’); and $entry = mysqli_query($con, “SELECT COLUMN_NAME FROM INFORMATION_SCHEMA

SQL can I select the column name as a value

Here is my table I would like to select as below The tch_col will get the column name which column value is not 0 and if it’s all 0 give the value as 19. Could we do this is in SQL? pls check lane 97 here the result should The first answer maybe not

MySQL. How do I get the column name by index?

This question already has an answer here: MySQL query to get column names? 17 answers How can I get a column name by its index using sql query in command line? I expect something like show columns from my_table where col_index = 2; I found many answe

Java – How to get the column name on the result set

This question already has an answer here: Retrieve column names from java.sql.ResultSet 10 answers Hello I’m trying to make an error when there is no matched student… and it will display like this No matching records found and I want the column nam

JDBC – How to get the column name (not the name of the original column)

I have a query something like this which rename the column name animal to bird. select animal as bird from table; I want to retrieve the column name bird through Jdbc and not the column name animal. When I do Connection cn = DriverManager.getConnecti

SQL query to get the data, including the latest versions

I’m working in SQL Server 2012. I have a table which contains below 2 columns table, th, td { border: 1px solid black; border-collapse: collapse; } th, td { padding: 15px; }



Dynamic Sql to dynamically create the column name from the field value

Here is my Schema : Table t1: x1 y1 1 2 Table t2: x2 y2 1 ‘x1’ 2 ‘y2’ I need to use dynamic SQL to join these two tables and the join column of table t1 should be decided by the value of column y2. I tried a very ugly and not-working SQL of cause of

Can we get the column name of a specific table in Google BigQuery?

Can we get Column Name from specific Table in Google BigQuery?? Let me know query for this activity. I tried this but cant got result… SELECT column_name FROM publicdata:samples.shakespeare OR SELECT schema FROM publicdata:samples.shakespeare I got

How do I get the column name of the line selection in an ExtJS grid?

I have a extjs gridpanel setup, and I want to be able to do things based on a user clicking on text or icons in the grid. For example, filter the grid if the user clicks (or double clicks) a word in a column, or show a popup if the user clicks on an

MS SQL Query to get the data before the underscore

I have a field of data which consists of FullName like this Vinod_Patil Santosh_Reddy Sandeep Looking to separate the data before the underscore so executed following query FirstName = SUBSTRING(FullName,0, CHARINDEX(‘_’, FullName) ), Where FullName

Run SQL-Query saved in the column by selecting

I have two tables: Table A contains the columns ID and Query. Table B contains the columns ID, Value and Category. In every row of table A (without any exceptions) the column Query contains an SQL query as nvarchar, which looks something like SELECT

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