MySQL Select the rows & lt; = Now (), using separate time fields

I have a table ‘t’ with date(yyyy-mm-dd), hour(1-12), minute(00-59), ampm(a/p), and timezone(pst/est) fields.

How can I select the rows that are <= now()?="" (ie.="" already="" happened)

Thank you for your suggestions!

edit: this does it without attention to the hour/minute/ap/tz fields:

SELECT * FROM WHERE date <= now()

Here's one way to do it - combine all your seconds, minutes, etc into a date and compare to NOW() , making sure you do the comparison in the same time-zone. (Untested):

LEFT JOIN y ON t.constant=y.constant
WHERE CONVERT_TZ(STR_TO_DATE(CONCAT(date,' ',hour,':',minute,' 'ampm),
                             '%Y-%m-%d %l:%i %p' ),
                 timezone,"SYSTEM") < NOW();

If your hour is 01 - 12 not 1-12 then use %h
instead of %l
in the STR_TO_DATE

tries to stick your date and time columns together and convert them into a date.

The CONVERT_TZ(...,timezone,"SYSTEM")
converts this date from whatever timezone is specified in the timezone
column to system time.

This is then compared to NOW()
, which is always in system time.

As an aside, perhaps you should make a single column date
using MySQL's date datatype, as it's a lot easier to do arithmetic on that!

For reference, here
is a summary of very useful mysql date functions where you can read up on those featuring in this answer.

Good luck!

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