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SQL query to return the most recent row with an additional filter

Very much stuck with a certain query I’m trying to run. Here’s the table structure – +——–+———-+——–+ | caseID | status | update | +——–+———-+——–+ 1 New 3-4-2013 1 Open 3-5-2013 2 New 3-5-2013 3 Closed 3-5-2013 I want my

SQLite Join – searches the most recent publications by each user

In a sqlite database i have a “Users” table as follows Users: | user_id | user | 1 | John | 2 | Peter a “Posts” table as follows: | post_id | user_id | text | 10 | 1 | blah blah blah | 11 | 1 | blah blah blah | 12 | 2 | blah blah blah

How to shoot & ldquo; The most recent publication, The data of a WordPress blog?

I have two WordPress blogs. I want to pull the “5 most recent posts” from the first blog with post title, date, and link to post and display this data on the other. I don’t know if there is a plugin that does this sort of thing already, but just

How to sort forum users by & ldquo; total content_length & ldquo; and then by the most recent publication?

I would like to sort forum’s users by total_content_length. To get the top n writers in the forum I do: User.order(“total_content_length DESC”).limit(n) Now, the problem is when there are two (or more) users with the same total_content_length. I

How do you get the most recent publications from a given user on the Facebook chart?

I am trying to get the last posts of the friends of a given user (php) $Fb = new Facebook(array(‘appId’=>’xxxxxxxxxxxxxx’,’secret’=>’xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx’)); $access_token = $Fb->getAccessToken(); // I get a token $url = “https://graph.facebook.c

How do I return the featured image to the most recent publication in WordPress?

I want to add a “Pic of the Week” feature on my homepage. I set it up so I created a post category “Pic of the Week” and I will make a post and add the pic as the featured image. I’m looking for the PHP to return the last featured imag

Retrieving the most recent entry in a database table with a certain value

I have a table with three fields – userID, couponID, last_couponID. When the user accesses a coupon, I run this query: mysql_query(“INSERT INTO users_coupons (userID, couponID) VALUES (‘$recordUserID’, ‘$recordCoupID’)”); Further, I have another

The best way to select the line with the most recent timestamp that matches a criterion

This is something that comes up so often I almost stopped thinking about it but I’m almost certain that I’m not doing this the best way. The question: Suppose you have the following table CREATE TABLE TEST_TABLE ( ID INTEGER, TEST_VALUE NUMBER, UPDAT

Selection of the most recent line by timestamp for multiple entries while joining another table with a substring of the current

Ok, the title sounds awfully complicated, but what I actually want to do is not that complex. My tables are: Servicestatustable: ServiceIdentifier ServiceStatus Timestamp System1-Service1 1 sometimestamp System1-Service1 1 sometimestamp System2-Servi

MySQL: Get the product with the most recent price for each store

I have the two tables below, there can be many price entries against one product,I’m looking to output the product name with the most recent product information for each store. I’m using the below but not getting the expected result, there can be hun

SQL update of a table with the most recent data of another table – conditional

I couldn’t quite find a scenario that matched what I am trying to do. I have one table that holds UserID, their Subscription PackageID and their Subscription date. Sample data for #Subscription for userID 14525398: UserID Package Date 14525398 188535

Pandas: adds a column with the most recent values

I have two pandas dataframes, both index with datetime entries. The df1 has non-unique time indices, whereas df2 has unique ones. I would like to add a column df2.a to df1 in the following way: for every row in df1 with timestamp ts, df1.a should con

How to make SQL JOIN return a single line with the most recent status code?

The following SQL statement: SELECT, f.front, f.back, h.statusChangedIdCode, h.whenCreated, h.historyIdCode FROM dpod_site_flashcards AS f JOIN dpod_site_historyItems AS h ON = h.itemId WHERE = 216 AND historyIdCode = ‘statusChanged’ O

SQL Server – How to group lines in a series by the most recent change of a value?

I have a database that logs sessions and events. The event table includes timestamps and usernames. A user might be anonymous or log in as many different users during any given session. I am trying to create a log in session identifier based on event

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