New Surface-branded ad targeted at edgy Millennials (video)

A new ad for the Microsoft Surface brand has turned up on Vimeo
posted by an ad company, Exposure, which lists Microsoft as a client

The ad is somewhat of a departure from Microsoft’s current ads, which tend to focus on the quality of the hardware and design innovation.

Calling the ad in the description “ a bold new direction for Microsoft to launch their next generation ‘Surface’ tablet
“, the ad appears to focus on the Surface brand itself as a tool for empowering millennials to achieve their ambitions and does not show any of Microsoft’s now rather full line-up of hardware.

It is not clear if this ad will one day end up on TV, or if it has simply been made on spec and not actually been commissioned by Microsoft.

If it does however speak to you, you can pick one of Microsoft’s devices at their store here

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