T-SQL 2005: add date and time

I have two fields which are both Datetime type:

Date = '2011-1-01 00:00:00.000'
Time = '1900-01-01 3:31:19.000'

The ‘1900-01-01’ is the default value so I am interested only in the time part (3:31:19.000).

All what I want is to combine Date and time together. So, for this example i want a query which would give me the result:

Combined = '2011-1-01 3:31:19.000'

I am using T-SQL 2005.

If you want a string-less option, you can stack DATEADD/DATEPART operators together…

DECLARE @Date DATETIME = '2011-1-01 00:00:00.000'
, @Time DATETIME = '1900-01-01 3:31:19.000'

SELECT DATEADD(hh, DATEPART(hh, @Time), DATEADD(mi, DATEPART(mi, @Time), @Date)) --and so on

Results in 2011-01-01 03:31:00.000

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