Implementation csv with cal-heatmap jquery

I have been attempting to use cal-heatmap with a csv to display data. However nothing seems to make it work. There are no errors in the console.

Does anyone have any clue on how to make it work with csv files? Or even have an example with a csv? Does anyone have any alternatives that are easily to implement with Google Analytics?


var cal = new CalHeatMap(); cal.init({ data: "test.csv", dataType: "csv", start: new Date(2013, 0), domain : "day", subDomain : "hour", itemName: ["visit", "visits"], range : 12, cellsize: 15, cellpadding: 3, cellradius: 5, domainGutter: 15, weekStartOnMonday: 0, scale: [40, 60, 80, 100] });



Yes, Cal-heatmap does only understand data formatted like a JSON object.

BUT, you can set the dataType
to csv
, and use the csv parser, as in your example. The reason it doesn’t works out of the box is because after parsing, the resulting JSON object returned by d3.csv()
do have keys, and looks like that :

        "Hour": 000000,
        "Visits": 53

You’ll need to convert that back to something like that:

    "000000": 53,

Use the following function as your afterLoad()

function(data) {
    "use strict";

    var d = {};
    var keys = Object.keys(data[0]);
    var i, total;
    for (i = 0, total = data.length; i < total; i++) {
        d[data[i][keys[0]]] = parseInt(data[i][keys[1]], 10);
    return d;

That will take care of the conversion. This function will work only if the first column is the timestamp, and the second column, the value. Adjust keys[n]
to your need if your CSV has a different structure.

AFAIK, Google Analytics does not use timestamp, so you have to incorporate the timestamp conversion in the function above.

Future version of Cal-Heatmap will do this conversion automatically.

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