OnePlus 5T gets Android 8.0 Oreo with first Open Beta update

OnePlus has finally released the first OxygenOS Open Beta for the OnePlus 5T that brings Android 8.0 (Oreo) for the phone, as it hadpromisedat the OnePlus 5T launch last month. It brings all the Android Oreo features such as background limits that puts a big priority on improving user’s battery life, snoozing that lets users to snooze notifications to reappear at a later time and wide-gamut color for apps among many other things.

You can check out our top 5 Oreo features post to know more about the core features of Android 8.0 update. It also includes changes in Launcher and Android security update for December. Check out the complete changelog below.

  • Updated to Android O (8.0)
  • Launcher
    • Optimized the app shortcut style
    • Combine icon options with app shortcuts
    • Now able to upload photos to Shot on OnePlus
  • System
    • Added Picture in Picture
    • Added Auto-Fill
    • Added Smart Text Selection
    • New Quick Settings design
    • Updated Android security patch to December

Since this is the first beta you will need to flash it manually by downloading the ROM that is 1.6GB size from and the company has also provided flashing instructions, which you can check out in the source link below. You should get the OTA update automatically from second beta. OnePlus had already promised final Android Oreo update for the phone by early 2018.


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