PHP considers that zero is equal to zero

How do I split a PHP script that takes a long time to run into small pieces?

I have a PHP script that initialises an image gallery. It loops through all images, checks if they are thumbnailed and watermarks them. My shared hosting account only lets me have 30 seconds of execution per script, as set in the php.ini settings. I

Is there a version of the PHP network that is pass-by-reference?

I’m asking this because I’m working with a recursive function that generates a large array tree and the pass-by-copy aspect of the arrays are completely screwing with my head. I’ve tried using ArrayObject, but that’s really an object, isn’t it? None

How to improve and accelerate this PHP script that uses a nested loop?

I wrote a PHP script that joins two tables to display information in this format: Jane Doe Phone: 082 980 9514 Home Loan Applications (Active) – 17/07/2013 Credit Report (Free Report) (Unsubscribed) 12/06/2013 You’ll notice that the first and lastnam

How do I send a file with the C # POST method to a PHP file that (PHP) gets files from an HTML form by the ‘$ _FILES’ function?

First I have a PHP file that gets data and file from a HTML form and uploads a file to a specific directory by the $_POST and $_FILES methods. Second I have Windows aplication (C#). The user can drag and drop any file to a listview. I send the user’s

Are there good php libraries that can convert html / php documents to objects

I see lots of php libraries that can parse html. A nice example is QueryPath which mimics the Jquery Api. However, I am looking to analyse phtml. So, not only would the library be good at analysing the DOM, but also be good at analysing the php proce

How to debug the AJAX (PHP) code that calls SQL statements?

I’m not sure if this is a duplicate of another question, but I have a small PHP file that calls some SQL INSERT and DELETE for an image tagging system. Most of the time both insertions and deletes work, but on some occasions the insertions don’t work

How do you create variables in actions.class.php so that they are accessible in layout.php?

In Symfony 1.2, how do you create variables in actions.class.php so that they are accessible in layout.php?This page has some information about it: It seems you can get the desired effect us

I have a PHP script that repeats the same set of tasks 30 times. How can I break it into pieces that will work one after another to avoid a timeout?

I have a PHP script that is set to fetch 30 RSS feeds when I run it. It grabs the first feed, does moderate to heavy amount of processing on to individual articles and adds them to a mysql database. Then it moves on to the next feed. The script echoe

php script that is called when it’s finished – indefinitely

I have a php script that can take anything from 2 to 10 minutes to execute. It fetches info from around the web so its time depends on how fast lots of other things are talking. I used to run the script on a cron every 15 minutes, but sometimes it on

How to retrieve data from a PHP page that code for JSON?

Please help me guys. I’ve been figuring how to solve this problem for several hours already but I still don’t know how. >< This is my php page that displays value in JSON Format. jsonfile.php : <?php header("Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *&qu

How to produce a javascript file from a PHP file that can be referenced from a script includes a tag

I am looking for a solution in PHP that will allow me to reference a PHP file that outputs javascript as a script includes in the header of my html page. The reason i’m looking to do this is because I have some dynamically generated javascript which

optimize a php function that cuts strings

i programmed this php function that takes any text/html string and trims it. For example: gen_string(“Hello, how are you today?”,10); Returns: Hello, how… The problem arises when the function string limit is the same as the position of a speci

Can I add a php code that will modify list.phtml to display all the products in the category?

Can I add php code that will change list.phtml to display all products for the category?I’m recommed create new extension to display all product;

You are looking for a PHP script that can clean the wrong HTML

I am in the process of writing a PHP command line script to convert hundreds of HTML snippets into Markdown using the Markdownify library. However, I have come across a situation where some of my HTML is not structured well enough to be used with Mar

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