Jquery slips up and down, what should I do?

im not familiar with jquery so any help would be appreciated, i have some code, (cant remember where from) that shows part of the content and then allows you to show more or less.

What i would like the code to do is exactly what it does now, but instead of just show / hide, i want it to slide down and up revealing more or less content.


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#mytext {width:260px;height:200px;overflow:hidden;}

$(document).ready(function() {
var adjustheight = 200;
$("#adjust").toggle(function() {
$('#mytext').css('height', 'auto').css('overflow', 'visible');
}, function() {
$('#mytext').css('height', adjustheight).css('overflow', 'hidden');

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its currently controlled by changing the height in the css any way to animate this? Thanks

Have you taken a look at the slideToggle

// Open & Close myDiv.  Animation take 1 second (1000 ms)

Edit: Here’s a better answer.

In your HTML, have a div for the stuff you always want to see, and another div for the things that are hidden.

Here is an introduction to what I want to say.
Here is some more info that you don't always care about

This way you can toggle just sometimesShow
. Its not exactly what you asked for, but I think it will solve your problem.

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