No effect of & ldquo; Resultpath & rdquo; Constant in struts.xml

I have all the jsp pages (ex: index.jsp) in the WebContent folder and my application is working smoothly. Now, I created a folder “pages” inside WebContent, where I transferred all my jsp pages.

And I added the following line inside the

But still, its not searching for jsp inside the “pages” folder. I am getting:

HTTP Status 404 – /MyApplicationName/index.jsp

Where am I doing a mistake?

EDIT: The current structure of my application is as follows:

The welcome page is an action instead of a jsp page. The result page of this action is index.jsp. This action populates the dropdown menu and some other fields in index.jsp. Now, I want to keep index.jsp along with other jsp pages in the folder “WebContent/pages”. I have over 30 jsp pages in my application, and I don’t want to mention the full path of every jsp in the result-tag. Thats why I want to make use of the struts2 constant “struts.convention.result.path”

My question is, why the code I have mentioned above is not working?

Accessing index.jsp
directly bypasses all S2 request handling.

There’s no S2 or S2 Convention plugin involved, you’re just accessing a JSP page.

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