Huawei Museum winner photos now showing in Times Square

Earlier this year,Huawei launched a new contest called the Emergent Project as part of the smartphone company’s online photography community, the Huawei Museum . Earlier this month, the winners of the contest were revealed, and their images have been on display on a massive electronic billboard in New York City’s Times Square.

If you remember, the photos that were eligible for this contest had to be taken with a camera included with a Huawei or Honor-branded smartphone, including theMate 10, theP10 Lite, theHonor 9, and even the newly launchedHonor 7X, Contest entries could even use the camera inside the Nexus 6P, since that 2105 Google-branded phone was also made by Huawei. Huawei Museum community members help select photographs that are uploaded to the Facebook group to be featured across Huawei’s social media pages.

The company created the Huawei Museum online community in part to help promote the its smartphone camera hardware and technology, some of which have been made in partnership with Leica for its flagship phones. They offer features such as lossless zoom, PDAF and laser AF, and OIS enhancements to help take better pictures. Of course, the best camera hardware can’t create award winning images on its own; it takes a photographer with a keen eye and instincts to create truly memorable photos.

On the Huawei Museum Facebook page , the company revealed the final winners of the Emergent Project challenge. They include:

A Fisherman by Rama Dani

Harbor Sunset by Mahfooz Ceecy

Lazy Days in Suburbia by Steven Rea

Lynn Beach by James Nalesnik

Ray of Light by Ernest Papera

The Leaves of Fall by Matt Ambrose

Tranquil Sunset by Mahmudui Shaikat

Waiting Shot by Hurdogan Keskin

In addition to having their images projected for millions of Times Square visitors to see on a huge billboard, the winning photographers will have their images featured in Leica store galleries in New York and Los Angeles .

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