UML diagrams + Android

I’ve been developing an Android app for a while but I didn’t start with any particular diagram. And now comes the time to do some real diagrams but I don’t know how. Not because I’m not familiar with UML but because of Android and it’s components.

For example, my app requires that the user needs to be logged in in order to see a menu. From there the user can choose the options he wants. The user can also do his registration.

Although this might be a silly and simple example…The point is…I didn’t use any class named “Person” with getters and setters; or any class named “Request” with getters and setters and other methods. My app use classes like “Login.class”, “SignIn.class”, “MenuActivity.class”, “HistoryActivity.class”.

My question is…how do I use UML for an Android app? I mean I can’t have a conceptual model diagram that says “Person”—–“Request”, right?

Thanks in advance.

I think you are confused with different types of UML diagram types,

There are,

Structural UML diagrams

  1. Class diagram
  2. Package diagram
  3. Object diagram
  4. Component diagram
  5. Composite structure diagram
  6. Deployment diagram

Behavioral UML diagrams

  1. Activity diagram
  2. Sequence diagram
  3. Use case diagram
  4. State diagram
  5. Communication diagram
  6. Interaction overview diagram
  7. Timing diagram

And more, I think you are talking about Class diagram. Since class diagrams are technical and are targeted for the development team, It is totally fine to have all these Login.class, SignIn.class, MenuActivity.class, HistoryActivity.class in your class diagram.

But you can use conceptual things like Person, Request ect in your other UML diagrams (eg Use Case). because in these diagram this is targeted for many users not just developers, So using MenuActivity does not make any sense. Using conceptual entities is the way to go here.

Good luck

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