The merger of the TFS 2012

So Im trying to merge from branch A to B and after doing the merge, I check in the changes to B and then compare the branches again. There are still differences detected. One of which is a entity data model diagram “my_model.edmx.diagram”.

Looking at the differences, its only seeing a difference in the location and width of the entity icons etc. This file is really just an xml file. There was also a .sql file also that didnt get merged and I managed to get it merged over by selecting it byitself, then merging just that file. The edmx.diagram file however, will not go over. Could it be an issue of file type?

Never heard this file type issue. If you can put the files into source control. Suppose these files must be supported by TFS.

A workaroud for this situation:

  1. Clean the mapping folder for branch B(Make sure changes checked in) and remove the mapping of branch B.
  2. Remapping it to a clear local folder.

  3. Merge branchA to B again, and check in the changes.


Changes in each branch are independent from each other, so you don’t have to check them in before switching from one branch to another. Merging between sibling branches requires a baseless merging.

(Capabilities→ Fundamentals → Branching )

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