Offset of div margin after centering

Div greater than content after centering

After 1 hour of try and error and searching for problems like this, i try to get an answer here. I want to include a bootstrap Nav-Bar into a Div. I centered the Nav-Bar, but now my Div is higher then the content. This problem is only available when

The legend does not work after centering the image

When I hovered on the image, some text would appear over that image. However, after centerizing it, something went wrong with positioning and the text caption is displayed a bit left of the image, it doesn’t get centered too. Below is my code, which

CSS Div Positioning After Absolute Div

What is the best way for me to resume the flow of the page in css. Here is my situation: I have 3 divs div 1(parent), div 1(child), and div 2(normal). parent div is absolute, child is relative. All is good so far. The problem i’m having is the the ne

View Bootstrap alert div & gt; after an if statement

i would like this div to show:

<div id=

Fade in Divs one after another on page load

I know that this question has been asked many times before: Javascript: Fade In images on page load; one after the other? Fade in divs one after another jQuery .fadeIn() on page load? But I’ve tried all of the suggested techniques and none of them wo

Div margin-low of a proportion of its own size?

This question already has an answer here: How to set the margin or padding as percentage of height of parent container? 6 answers For example, I have a div that has a height of 100px (I don’t know the height, but let’s suppose I did). I want to set t

Display DIV only after clicking on 3 buttons

I want to make a DIV which appear only when someone click on 3 buttons. I searched through the posts and find something like, Hide/Show DIV onClick Button but i can’t find anything like show DIV only after Click on all 3 buttons.I tried to modify a f

How to display DIV only after receiving the response message from the server?

Hi guys i want to show a particular DIV only after i get the response from my server. What i am trying to do is , a password recovery function for my users … I get their registered email ID and then i check it with my Database if its present in my

How to make a div just after a text box?

How to make a div right after a text box(in the same line) ? Title: <div clas

How to add div just after main div?

How to append div just after main div jQuery Code var $icons = $(‘.error + .i-icon-div’); if ($icons.length) { $icons.each(function () { var $this = $(this); $this.appendTo($this.prev()) }) } Html Code

<input type=&q

Div appear after scrolling past a div

I know there are a lot of tutorials to let a div appear after scroll down a certain amount of pixels. But what I want is to let a div appear when the user scrolls past another div. And when they scroll back up it has to disappear again. Why not after

Calculate the new higher offset of the new div added after closing the old divs

Users can add blocks in such form so I need to scroll the new added block into view and it’s working correctly BUT I tried to close old blocks like opened (Block 2, Block 3) then scroll to (Block 4) top offset but it’s not working. After adding the n

How to mention the div position after the div position set without upper or upper margin?

I have given #head position:fixed;, Next, I have given #wrap position:fixed; Now, I need content for that need auto alignment I don’t want mention margin-top or top. HTML:

<div id

Default offsetParent and offset for div with `position: static`

Assume I have a page with folowing structure:


January February March</spa

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