Read the file number and put it in the bidimensional list

just read a file number and decrement the batch file

Here’s the whole issue. I’m trying to read the IP address of a given adapter on a computer, decrement the last digit by 1, and add the new IP address as a route. I so far have managed to extract the IP address in the following manner: netsh interface

Python how to read the last three lines of a .text file and put those elements in a list?

I am trying to have python read the last three lines of a .txt file. I am also trying to add each line as an element in a list. So for instance: **list.txt** line1 line2 line3 **** (read list.txt, insert items into line_list) line_li

Java: How to read 4 numbers of each line in a file. And put them in variables?

The text file looks like this: data,data,data,data data,data,data,data The data being numbers. 4 numbers separated by commas and about 2000 lines. However I only need to use 20 lines at a time. The starting line needs to be chosen by its number, and

Using Zip to read a file vertically and search the compressed list

I need to read a file containing information on different lines – for example the file may contain 12345678910 abcdefghij zyxwvutsrq I will then need to read the code vertically, so my list would be: (1az)(2by) The code I have so far is # grid is the

I’m trying to dynamically drag all the & lt; h3 & gt; of the elements of the xhtml file and put them in a selection list using javascript

I am trying to dynamically pull all h3 elements from xhtml file and display them in a selection list. I have created the selection list but my code is not retrieving the h3 elements. I am very new to dynamic html and feel completely lost here. Any he

Generate a random number and put it in a TextBlock

I have created a class which generates a random number: public class DataGenerator { public void RandomHRValue() { Random random = new Random(); int RandomNumber = random.Next(0, 100); } } I have then created a XAML file and put the following within

Reading Text File Variables and Assigned Values ​​Updated

I have a text file which has text as follows: emVersion = “”; ecdbVersion = “”; ReleaseVersion = “”; I want to update the version number by taking the input from a user if user enter the new value for em

How to read a file back and then forward with ruby?

I have svn log files which are a few kb to 1 mb, usually kb. They contain zero, one or more of the below blocks of text: ——————————— r3457 | programmer1 | 03.20.2015 changed file1.txt added file7.txt etc… team1: adding new fea

Read a hexadecimal number and validate its number of digits in C

I need to read an hexadecimal number with eight digits in C and I need to validate it. If it has less than eight digits fill with “0”. If it has more than eight digits, print a message like “please insert a valid number”. I’m doing som

Python – How to read multiple files, process and write on multiple files

I am trying to build a Source code Plagiarism detection tool in Python. I am trying to take input from multiple python program files present in an input directory, carry out some processing stuff and write the output to multiple files. Here’s what I’

Spring lot read the POJO list and process

How to read a list of POJO , pass it to ItemProcessor ? I am using a DAO class to fetch the List of POJO. How to configure it in a ItemReader,so that it can be used by processor? I tried to read the List using ItemReader implementation, but the resul How to get an item from the parent list when reading the child list

I’ve got a list that’s generated in a class file that I need to loop through to get all the entries for a specific type. I’m pulling from the correct list, but I need to get a value that is in the parent list while I’m looping through the child list

The SharePoint 2010 Foundation site Reading the Authorization List item helps not to work

I’ve upgraded a SharePoint WSS 3.0 farm to SharePoint 2010 Foundation. Now I got a strange problem in a web part that modifies and creates Content Library files. The user is only allowed to modify a file if he also got Contribute/Full access on site

Spring Boot: read the yaml list using @Value or @ConfigurationProperties

I want to read a list of hosts from a yaml file (application.yml), the file looks like this: cors: hosts: allow: – http://foo1/ – http://foo2/ – http://foo3/ (Example 1) My class used defines the value like this: @Value(“${cors.hosts.allow}”) Li

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