Android Marshmallow-based LineageOS 13 is no more

  • A recent commit revealed LineageOS 13, based on Android Marshmallow, was deprecated.
  • 11 devices still ran the now-discontinued Android ROM.
  • LineageOS 13 was originally known as CyanogenMod 13 before the CyanogenMod team rebranded to Lineage.

Even though theLineage team primarily focuses on theAndroid Nougat-based LineageOS 14.1, work was still being done on the Android Marshmallow-based LineageOS 13. The latter appears to no longer be the case, since it seems LineageOS 13 has been discontinued.

According to a recent commit spotted on Reddit , the Lineage build server removed every LineageOS 13 target. There were several devices that remained on LineageOS 13, such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 and 10.1, Samsung Galaxy S4, Nexus 10, Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4, Nvidia Shield Portable, and the GSM, Verizon, and Sprint versions of the Galaxy Nexus.

These might be old devices, but theNexus 10 and Galaxy Nexus rank in the top 100 of most active models .

This could be a sign that LineageOS 15, based onAndroid Oreo, might be around the corner. The commit that revealed the depreciated LineageOS 13 also stated, “Let the rumors start flying.” This could refer to the unreleased LineageOS 15, though we have yet to hear a peep from the Lineage team.

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Even so, LineageOS 13 had a decent run. Arriving as CyanogenMod 13 in November 2015, the Android ROM was renamed to LineageOS 13 after CyanogenMod was rebranded into LineageOS. Some devices were eventually updated to LineageOS 14.1, while others were dropped entirely.

Those who own the aforementioned older devices will have to either turn to unofficial builds or be content with their current software.

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