Want to Skyrocket Your Online Sales? Go Back to the 1970’s

During the 1970’s, recording your voice or music onto small cassette tapes was all the rage.

A leading tape company, Memorex, creating an iconic ad campaign titled, ” Is it Live … or is it Memorex?”

The point of the ad was simple: Memorex tape recordings were so high-quality that it was almost impossible to tell if what you were hearing was live or pre-recorded.

Is Your Webinar Live? Or is it Memorex?

This perfectly illustrates how to overcome one of the big misconceptions about how to create and run a webinar – that you have to be “on” and not miss a beat when giving your presentation live online.

When I first started giving webinars five years ago , I always did them live.

What I found was, no matter whether 5 or 50 people showed up, I had to give the performance of my life – vocally and otherwise. I couldn’t afford to be low-energy. I couldn’t afford to stammer or stutter. I had to be “on.”

It was draining, giving those “live” performances every day – especially when I could see only 2-3 people were on for a particular session.

The Holy Grail of Webinars

Then I was introduced to the Holy Grail of Webinars … the Hybrid model.

In a Hybrid webinar setup, you pre-record your entire presentation.

In essence, you “bottle up” your best performance, making sure you’re high energy, on point and in fine form vocally and energy-wise.

And then, you “give” that bottled up performance to a “live” audience while you are also online, running the Chat area, launching polls and interacting with the audience as the best version of you plays via the pre-recorded video.

It’s like being in two places at once!

With a Hybrid webinar, I can come on live, warm up my audience by talking to people directly and calling them out by their names, etc., and then seamlessly switch into my pre-recorded, pitch-perfect presentation by injecting a video recording.

Then, while the video plays, I can also answer questions in the Chat area, launch polls and monitor the audience in real-time.

Best of all, I can come back on “live” once the video is finished, and again, via a seamless transition, conduct a live Q&A session to close more sales and answer last-minute questions.

Hybrid Webinars = Win-Win Situation

Hybrid webinars are win-win, because not only do you get to save your energy and voice while delivering a pitch-perfect presentation, but the audience also gets your BEST possible performance and BEST content at the same time.

How awesome is that?

Using my favorite webinar platform , it’s as easy as clicking one button to switch from “live” to pre-recorded videos, and the audience literally can’t tell if it’s live or if it’s Memorex.

As a child of the 1970’s, I remember that ad campaign well, and I’ve taken its lesson to heart when it comes to delivering wildly successful, high-converting webinars online.

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