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Ever wonder how many requests your $5 a month Digital Ocean
server can handle? Using’s
free load testing tool can help you do just that! It’s a good idea to know what your server can handle so you can be prepared to handle large spikes in traffic. This could mean increasing the specs on your current server, adding aload balancer or usinground robin dns to distribute the request to multiple servers.

To start, I would recommend getting a baseline of your current request per minutes your app receives using a tool likengxtopfor Nginx servers or New Relic
. Once you have an idea what your current infrastructure can handle, you can use
to simulate 2x or 3x the number of requests. If you start receiving errors(timeouts, etc.), you have a general idea when your app will start to fail.
also has a schedule feature that sends you a report and keeps a history of past tests. This can be useful to know if your app is slower due to code changes or an increase in load. has been a great tool to know how my servers are handling the ever increasing request for my Weather Extension
. Let me know if you give
a try and what you think.

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