Upcoming LG V30 gets rendered, closest look yet

One of the devices people will be waiting for come Q3 or Q4 of 2017 isLG’s V Series phablet, usually launched to be in direct competition with Samsung’s yearly Galaxy Note device. Since Samsung blew it (sorry, had to) with the Note 7 last year, the LG V20 had a “free run” so to speak. But this year is different – Samsung is looking to rebound from last year’s fiasco, so LG will have to put out a great phablet in the upcoming LG V30 .

These images will be the closest we can get to an actual look at the upcoming LG V30 , care of the guys over at @OnLeaks . So what jumps out? Well, the FullVision Display does. It looks like LG will be carrying that technology over to the V Series, and there really is no reason why they would not. Check out the video below.

That FullVision Display looks to be 6 inches diagonally, which is to say it will be a proper phablet. Other details include a dual camera module and a fingerprint scanner at the rear, both of which are not really surprising to us right now. From what it looks like, it is a USB-C port on these images.

The LG V30 will reportedly be unveiled by the end of August, a day before IFA 2017 in Berlin kicks off. Where that is in Samsung’s timeline is a bit vague right now, since we still don’t have a solid date on when the Galaxy Note 8 will be coming out.

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