Reboot Delete File Ex: Mark files for deletion on next reboot.

Reboot Delete File Ex is a completely free software designed to simply delete a file on the next reboot. Sometimes you may not be able to delete a file because it is locked or in use by other applications, or because it is a malware that has protection against file deletion.

: It’s that simple.


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Reboot Delete File Ex

I know that you every now and then experience those annoying “File in use”, “Cannot delete file: Access Denied” or “The source or destination file may be in use.” messages in Windows while trying to delete a file.

As a regular visitor to our site you know that we have posted several articles on how to get rid of these pesky little files (
Can’t Delete a File? Use the Command Prompt [How To]
). This time we give you a freeware tool that does the trick in a new fashion.

Reboot Delete File Ex

Reboot Delete File Ex provides one of the easiest methods I’ve ever come across to solve this problem. I mean, it’s actually that ingeniously simple; that I, myself should have thought of it, years ago. Well, I didn’t.

How it works

The application is designed to automatically delete the file in question upon next system reboot. So basically what you do is to open the program, choose the “willful” file(s) and mark it for deletion. it’s that simple.

Click the button, and you’re good to reboot!

Download Reboot Delete File Ex

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