Best Free Antivirus Software for Virus Protection

The purpose of an anti-virus program is to prevent intrusion and protect the computer and its operating system from any external infections such as virus, worm, key-logger, Trojan, and so on. There are several paid and free software doing rounds in the market today. In most cases the free software serves its purpose just fine. So here is a list of the five best free anti-virus programs for windows. You can as such
save money by downloading free software

As the name suggests this is presently one of the most popular software for protection from malware. It is easy to install and use, has high ranking detection rates, numerous features, boot time scanning and real-time abilities. Its’ Version 6 had additional features such as the highly effective feature of plug in internet site ratings and a malware protection for scripts. This is a distinguishing feature as no other free anti-virus is able to provide script malware. Its’ browser cleanup option for instance provides the user with the option to clear their browser of unnecessary pop-ups. It updates itself automatically saving you the trouble of updating it manually.

Another widely used anti-virus software, Panda Cloud is lightweight and is able to offer real time protection. An advantage that this software has is its lightweight that allows it to be operative along with other security software/tools without affecting the performance of the system. The software has some limiting factors though as it is still a free version. For instance, if you are using the Pro edition, then it has the ability to protect your OS from threats at public wi-fi networks. Similarly it is known for its behavioral blocker that provides increased security. It does not have the best detection rate but otherwise it is a potent anti-virus.

The detection rate of this antivirus lacks the expertise of the above mentioned anti-virus but otherwise this is a fairly popular and effective software with email scanner and online protection scanner. A feature packed powerful software, in its recent version it has included among other things, a highly functional behavioral blocker that provides advanced security, by acting as an additional layer of protection. This software however, has drawbacks- the most common ones being its size that hinders scanning speed and the presence of advertisements, which if desired can be removed.

A very popular software in all testing labs, Bit-defender has emerged as one of the most appealing free antivirus. The downloading and installation process of this software takes hardly any time and as such is very compact and user friendly. Automatic scanning is then facilitated by a simple and basic interface. Manual controls in Bit-defender are minimal.

This software scores in detection rates especially if it is related to rootkits. It has the ability to remove malwares easily and is also resource low. It does not require intense interaction with users and as such is a favored antivirus for the average or regular user. Like other antivirus software it too can update itself automatically and do away with threats, and there is no requirement of user registration. The catch with this otherwise effective software is its unavailability in certain areas as it needs an authentic Windows OS for installation.

Antivirus software must be installed on all systems to ensure that the system stays protected and safe. It is however advisable that based on usage suitable software is installed.

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