Programming Editors for Android on the Nexus 7

A few days ago I received a Nexus 7 for programming on the go. The Nexus features a 1.3
, 1
and runs Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean).

The Nexus is supplied without a text editor so I started searching for the perfect programming editor. After experimenting with dozens, here are the top candidates:

920 Text Editor
supports multiple open files and syntax highlighting for 35 languages.

(click thumbnail for the full screenshot)

is ad-supported and features syntax highlighting for 26 languages and multiple open files. Upgrading to DroidEdit Pro adds support for FTP and Dropbox.

is a freeware editor with syntax highlighting for 20+ languages, regular expression search and the ability to share directly to Twitter, Facebook, etc.

allows two open files and has syntax highlighting for 20+ file formats. Jota+ Pro adds support for multiple open files, Dropbox, Box and SkyDrive.

supports highlighting for 8 languages, has built in FTP access and a custom keyboard. Upgrading to Touchqode Pro adds several features including a GitHub viewer.

Unfortunately none of the above supports code folding which would be really handy on the 7″ screen. In the end I’ve settled for Jota+ with
, a replacement keyboard with faster access to numbers and symbols. Which editor / keyboard combo are you using on Android? :-)

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