Support Ben’s Minimum Viable Product and Get Make More Progress Free

You will have probably heard how strongly I believe in the “Minimum Viable Product” concept. It was key in taking me from analysis paralysis to getting my products out there into the market and into customer’s hands.

People often ask though if it only works with information products.

The answer is that you can probably use the concept for anything.

To prove it, my friend Ben is running an
Indigogo campaign for his bamboo phone cases

He has already had some small scale success with his alpha and beta group, and got some excellent feedback, but wants to move now to starting production in greater quantities by purchasing some equipment and materials.

Shootcase – Bamboo, Customizable Phone Case

I want to support him in this beyond just buying a case. So I came up with an idea.

For anyone who
backs Ben’s campaign
, you will also get a membership to my productivity and Minimum Viable Product home study course,
Make More Progress
($47 value).

So you get an eco-friendly, customizable case for your phone, you get to support Ben going from small scale test to production, and you get yourself more productive and on your way to your own product creation!

back the campaign
and Ben will get you set up in the course when your transaction comes through.

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