Do you store your photos on the cloud and which service do you use?

Gone are the days of camera films with 30-something poses limiting us to only photographing the “important moments”. Gone are the days of 16 GB storage options severely crippling our phone’s image and video storing capabilities. Now, we can take dozens of shots of that one rose we saw on the way to work, and we have some pretty hefty room and great cloud services that help us keep and transfer our memorabilia across devices, potentially keeping them forever.

Google’s Photos service is among the most popular ones out there since it gives you infinite storage for your images, as long as you allow it to compress them a bit. Of course, you can also save your original photos with no alterations made to them, but that eats through your Drive storage, which can be expanded by paying Google some money.

Apple’s iCloud can also store your photos, but has no “infinite” option like Google — you pretty much have to be on some kind of plan with Apple if you plan to keep your memorabilia on its cloud, and you will have to do some housekeeping from time to time to make sure that the storage isn’t clogged by a bunch of terrible photos or screenshots.

You’ve also got 3rd party solutions like Dropbox, Microsoft’s OneDrive, and others. So, do you use one and if you do — which one?

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