How to Hide Messages and Call Logs on Android Phone

Nowadays, everyone has gotten their hands with WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Hike, and more popular messaging apps. But, there are still most of the people are using a text messaging service to communicate with others. Some message contains lots of confidential and personal or sensitive SMS that you don’t want to share with third-person. Well, there are also some of you online money transaction or some business meeting detail SMS which you have to make it private. Hence, we have created a short list of best apps to hide messages and call logs on Android to keep your data secret.

Well, you have seen in movies, and TV shows that a girlfriend accidentally saw a message from another girl on her boyfriend’s mobile then she got messed up all things. We all know that’s very funny, but what if it happens in your real life? If you are looking for the app to hide texts from girlfriend to keep several SMS private and if you are okay with your friends to access your stuff other than text messages then take a look at some best hide text messages and call logs apps for Android.

Best Apps to Hide Text Messages and Call logs on Android

#1. Go SMS Pro

This app has been downloaded by over 100 million users of Android. Because this app provides a vast range of customization options, it is one of the most popular apps on Google Play Store. You can hide your contacts here in a private box, and you can also hide your communication plans. If you do not like the default SMS app, then you should try and use this as a double benefit because its interface is just too good.


Download Go SMS Pro

#2. Private Message Box

While searching for the best app to hide text messages for Android device, I found this Private Message Box: Hide SMS app. This app can save your SMS, calls logs and MMS of secret contacts after the PIN pad so that no one can get access to those data. In order to make a hide a text message or call, you need to add it as Private Contacts. Once you have made private contacts, and then you got a new message from the Private Contact, it will directly move into the app.

You all contact messages and call are full safe here. You’re all incoming and outgoing SMS will be automatically hidden after you set a private contact list. You can also customize settings in the app to change the notification sound and icon. You can dial *1234* default password to launch the app. Additionally, the app also allows users to unlimited free texting among app users. You can also use more 300 emojis to express your thoughts.


Download Private Message Box

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#3. Private SMS & Call – Hide Text

This app works on one simple thing and that is to provide a private space in the smartphone where one can store all the private details which include SMS and call logs. All you need to do is to operate this app with a PIN-based lock, and it will take care of your data. What’s more is that this app won’t even appear on app drawer too. Just import those contacts to this app which are labeled as private. This app also hides and blocks those called which is not of your likings.


Download Private SMS & Call – Hide Text

#4. Hide My Text – Invisible

Are you afraid of messages from one friend checked by another friend, then you don’t need to worry about this? The Hide My Text – Invisible app will help you to hide some SMS on your Android phone easily. This is an only app that other person won’t even know where to find hidden message on your device. Because as the name of the app suggested that the app is in invisible form, so the third-person doesn’t get the idea about the app. It is one of the coolest text messaging apps to hide your contents. Well, you can set up to five contacts on your private list. You can also block some unwanted calls and text message. You can also change bar icon, description, text colors and more.


Download Hide My Text

#5. Vault-Hide app

Vault is one of the highest rated hide apps for Android devices from NQ Mobile Security. With the more than 100 million users from all around the world, the app is getting more popularity. The app is specially designed to hide your private photo, videos, message, calls, and contacts. Additionally, it also lets you lock app, private bookmarks, incognito browser, cloud backup, and more feature to use it on your phone. You can create multiple vaults and fake vault with the different password to store media files and hide SMS. With the help of it Stealth Mode, you can easily disappear the vault icon from the home screen. If some try to access your vault, then it can automatically capture the image of the person.


Download Vault Hide

#6. Audio Manager (Hide It Pro)

Well, the app is clearly called as “Audio Manager” but the original it works to hide text messages, photos, video, app and other stuff. The app named “Audio Manager” on your device; hence the user won’t get any idea about the app. When you single click on the app, it will show an audio manager on your device. But, if you want to hide any contents, then you need to long press on the app icon, and the app will open as Hide It Pro. You set numeric, pattern or fingerprint password to open the app. The app can’t be tracked because it will automatically disappear from your recent app list. It also provides free cloud backup on your entire data. You can also use secret messaging, secret calling and private browsing with the app.


Download Audio Manager

Hope you have liked our choice of the apps which can guarantee the safety of your SMS and contacts along with call logs by hiding them. Tell us on Facebook , Twitter , and Google Plus or over here in the comment section that which app you consider should suit your needs.

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