Top LinkedIn Marketing Business Tips

LinkedIn Marketing Business Tips – All you need to know about LinkedIn social media marketing.

This article will provide insights on LinkedIn marketing, How to use LinkedIn for marketing your business, numerous LinkedIn marketing software and various social media marketing tactics. With over 433 million users (as of 23/04/2016), LinkedIn is an amazing social network for Digital marketing especially on the business to business (B2B) industry . Have a look at an amazing and inspiring LinkedIn’s Start-up story (Source – CNN Money ).

LinkedIn’s StartUp story

How LinkedIn works?

LinkedIn is number 1 networking website for professional . It connects job-seekers with businesses and recruiting managers. It allows multiple communication and numerous interaction opportunities. A Job-seeker can bookmark job opportunities and follow a specific company or get notifications from it.

Why LinkedIn is so popular?

89%of recruiters have hired someone through LinkedIn . Moreover, millions of applicants found their job through LinkedIn. Click to create your account on LinkedIn and get started with thousands of job opportunities.

Why LinkedIn is popular Professional networking website

  1. 51% of companies acquired B2C customer.
  2. 93% B2B marketers consider LinkedIn marketing to be the Most effective for Lead generation.
  3. 64% of all visits from Social media channels to corporate websites is through LinkedIn website.
  4. LinkedIn generates more leads for B2B companies than Facebook, Twitter or any other Blogging websites individually.

Power of LinkedIn

Quick facts about LinkedIn

Some more facts about LinkedIn –

LinkedIn Marketing

This section will guide you how to use LinkedIn for marketing your business. Below are some LinkedIn social media marketing tactics –

  1. The first step when using LinkedIn marketing is to build a professional business page that shows your products and services in an attractive way.
  2. Then, you can invite customers and vendors to follow your business page and recommend it.
  3. Another good social media marketing tactics is to create a group specific for your business . That can help you attract highly target visitors to your website.
  4. And if you have the budget for LinkedIn social media marketing then, you can buy ads on LinkedIn website . You can use various LinkedIn marketing software which I will show in future posts.
  5. These generated leads from LinkedIn marketing software will be highly targeted and can be converted to customers really well.

Tips for LinkedIn Marketing

Build your brand on LinkedIn

Below are the 4 important keys to build your brand on LinkedIn –

  1. Find your Audience.
  2. Shape Perception.
  3. Establish Trust.
  4. Build stronger Communities.

4 Keys to build Brand on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Premium Accounts

You can get a premium account on LinkedIn and get some extra benefits and reach. Here’s an overview of the multiple premium accounts available –

  1. LinkedIn Premium for General Users The price starts at $24.95 per month. This premium account allows you to see more profiles on your searches, use premium search filters, and view expanded profiles. Another extra feature is the InMail which allows you to easily stay in touch with others.
  2. LinkedIn Premium for Recruiters Priced at $49.95 per month, this account includes premium search filters aimed to find talented workers, and allows you to save searches and get an alert notification when some new candidates match your past searches.
  3. LinkedIn Premium for Job Seekers One of the cheapest LinkedIn premium accounts, starts at $19.95 per month. With this account, job seekers can access detailed salary information on $100,000 plus jobs, and allows you to be listed as a featured applicant on the top of the list. This gives you much more exposure when recruiters are looking for someone like you for a job.
  4. LinkedIn Premium for Sales Professionals Priced at $19.95 per month, this type of account includes a lead builder organizer and allows you to find more companies that you’re looking for.

Number 1 Professional Website – LinkedIn Premium Accounts

Connect With Your Customers

Below are the techniques to connect with your customers on LinkedIn social media platform –

  1. You can connect with other users and turn them into leads or customers on LinkedIn. In order to accomplish that goal, you need to link as much as possible to your landing pages or sales pages. The best way to do it is to use relevant keywords on your links so that you warm up the leads, so that when they land on the sales pages they already know what they can get there. Try to create some interest on your links.
  2. Then you need to invite as many people as you can. By connecting with those that are following similar businesses, you have the opportunity to reach a much wider audience.

What to Avoid in LinkedIn Social Media Marketing?

  1. Make sure you have a professional profile page . People instantly evaluate if they’re interested in reading more from you just by looking at your page. So make sure you have a professional page with good pictures and links to your website.
  2. Remember to stay in touch with your followers . Reply when you have questions, and keep connecting with more and more people. If you ignore some contacts questions or feedback, you’re mining your chances of getting success in LinkedIn.
  3. LinkedIn ads can be extraordinarily effective and targeted. They are also expensive, so plan accordingly and use a budget to make sure your advertising expenses on LinkedIn don’t get out of hand.

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