Lyft To Combat Late Night Taco Cravings With New ‘Taco Mode’

Lyft has announced that it will soon start trialing a ‘Taco Mode’ to those who make use of the ride-sharing service. While it probably is the case that some already use ride-sharing services tograb food when they are hungry, what makes this one a little different is that Taco Mode is not designed to ensure a rider gets to the nearest taco outlet, but instead looks to ensure a rider can stop by at a taco outlet en route to their destination. And not just any taco outlet as Taco Mode marks the start of a partnership between Lyft and Taco Bell.

In short, during the trial period, those en route to a destination with Lyft will be able to initiate a Taco Mode and have the Lyft driver swing by a Taco Bell drive thru for a quick taco fix. In fact, the announcement details that users will even be able to pick up a Doritos Locos Taco while en route for free. As for the confirmed caveats, with this being only a trailed service, it is only available in select locations and during select dates. At present, the only confirmed location is Orange County in California, while the dates that Taco Mode will be operational include the weekends of July 27 to July 30 and August 3 to August 6. The weekends are of particular importance here as the service seems to be aimed at those who are out during the nighttime hours as Taco Mode will only be available on those dates between the hours of 9PM and 2AM.

While this is just a test-run of the service Lyft has confirmed that it does plan on expanding the service in due course. With a full nationwide rollout expected sometime in 2018. As for where and how the testing will expand in the meantime, Lyft simply states that an expansion of the testing will be based on feedback from the riders opting into the service, as well as the drivers having to make the stop-offs. As to be expected, in the testing areas and during the testing times, this will remain an optional feature that has to be enabled by the rider. So those not interested in picking up Taco Bell when heading home, or while en route to the next venue, will not have to. It is just there for those who do want it.

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