Truss Reading List: The Growing Significance of JavaScript

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“Software is eating the world. The web is eating software. And JavaScript Rules the web.”

This week’s reading list will look some interesting viewpoints on the utility of embracing JavaScript mastery for web developers. For the JS-deficient developer wondering if they can get away without mastering this equally loved and hated language, the resounding opinion floating around the web seems to be “absolutely not.”

Most developers have heard the illustrious tale about JavaScript being written in 10 days, but, as you might expect from such a dynamic programming language, its history is far more complex than that. For our history nerds out there, take a look at the aptly titled article The Deep Roots of JS Fatigue

A piece published earlier this year in
The Atlantic
poses a thought-provoking, albeit unique

perspective–that for those entering the software development industry, particularly people of color, with a focus on simply learning to code and learning JavaScript will potentially create “technical ghettos
”. Food for thought?

In spite of the arguments posited in the Atlantic
piece, there seems to be far more consensus around the necessity for developers, veteran and neophyte alike, to sharpen up their JavaScript skills to stay relevant and marketable. Some advice published in


“To be a star programmer in 2016, learn JavaScript, and move to Utah”.

While we aren’t entirely sold on the idea of moving to Utah, there are certainly a number of reputable developers writing about this very topic who agree with the importance of adding JavaScript mastery to one’s repertoire. Here’s what you need to know

Check out these articles and let us know what you think in the comments section below!


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