Must-See Speeches on UX and Product Design by Top Experts. Set 2.

Learning and innovation go hand in hand. The arrogance of success is to think that what you did yesterday will be sufficient for tomorrow. (William Pollard)

Our previouscollection of video speeches from top experts in product design and user experience, which we published a couple of months ago, got shared and actively viewed. There is no reason why we wouldn’t continue this sort of sharing, collecting great speeches from designers and product creators recognized internationally. That’s the precious part of being a professional in the air of the internet: you are able to get tips, recommendations, experience and knowledge from the best masters. So, catch the new set of expert talks we have collected for you and get inspired!

Julie Zhuo: How a Facebook Designer Thinks

Katie Dill: Balancing Order And Chaos In UX

David Vogel: Zen and the Art of UX Design

Cindy Chastain: Building the bridge from UX to CX

Joe Natoli: 5 Rules for Successful UX Disruption

Michael Bierut: How to use graphic design

Stephen P. Anderson: Hooked on a Feeling

Jakob Nielsen: Web UX 2016 vs 2004

Robert Brunner: What All Great Design Companies Know

Design+ Social Panel – Designers from the top social networks

Welcome to check 20 TED-talks for designers

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