Regular cadence for PowerShell Core Community Call

tl;dr: PowerShell Core Community Calls are on the third Thursday of every month at 9:30am Pacific Time (note, this is currently PDT
). Use this .ics file
to avoid missing one.

Hi everyone! After three successful PowerShell Core Community Calls, we’re switching to a more standard cadence so that you can plan ahead and join us! For those of you that haven’t heard of the PowerShell Core Community Call, it’s a one hour meeting where the PowerShell Committee gets together to talk with you to help us make decisions on the evolving design of PowerShell 6.

We discuss RFCs
, feature requests, and contentious bugs, in addition to giving you a quick update about the status of the project and the direction we’re headed.

If you want to catch up on our last three calls to get a feel for what they’re like, you can find some notes, chat transcripts, and YouTube recordings in a folder marked CommunityCall in the PowerShell-RFC repository

Typically, we start by discussing the following:

Join us on Skype on the 3rd Thursday of every month @ 9:30am PDT (Pacific Daylight Time, GMT -0700):

Join Skype Meeting

Join by phone (US)


+1 (866) 641-7188


find a local number

Conference ID: 4334578

.ics file

And if there’s anyone else you know that might be interested in getting more involved in PowerShell development, feel free to invite them to the call!

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