The Coolest Music Tech of 2017

Technology has drastically changed the way we interact with music. Whether it is on the creation side, helping musicians create a professional, polished album from their bedrooms, or on the listening side, where you can store entire music libraries in your pocket wherever you go.

We’ve rounded up the best of both sides for 2017:

New headphones are brought out so frequently that sometimes it is hard for any company to separate their product from the rest of the pack, that has not been the case with the new Pryma headphones.

Rethinking the marriage of headphone technology and style, Pryma’s newest product are handmade by Italian fashionista’s using genuine leather, die-cast aluminum, copper and steel. They have a sleek, organic look with colors to fit any outfit. They also have detachable speakers so you can share your new favorite song with a friend.

The sound is engineered by the folks and Sonus Faber, so the audi quality is fantastic. The warm sounds are not overpowering, and the design of the shell means that not a lot of sound leaks out at all – perfect for commutes!

Wowzr BoomBox Vibration Speaker

There are a lot of speakers on the market, but even the smallest of speakers can still be a pain to carry around. The Boomboxchanges all of that, by giving you the ability to turn anything into a speaker. This handy little device uses vibration technology to transmit sound from your phone, laptop or tablet straight into household items.

The larger the object, the louder thebecomes, meaning if you are attaching this to a rubbish bin or a garage wall, you are going to have some seriously angry neighbors!

Polyphonic Tuners

If you are an aspiring guitar hero, this is the gadget for you. Theallows you to tune a guitar with just one strum of all 6 strings. It is absolutely genius, and the fact that it is tiny makes the polytune a must have for all guitar aficionados.

Building on the groundbreaking original polytune, the second edition features strobe tuning for extra precision, and a light sensor making it perfect for day or night time gigs.

So, for our money, these are the best gadgets you can buy for music lovers this year, the perfect birthday gifts for the ones who have everything. We would love to hear what your favorites are, share your ideas in the comments.

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