Transfer media to your iDevices like never before [Deals]

iPhones and iPads are great platforms for movies, TV shows and music. That is, if you can get them on there and working. iTunes doesn’t always make it easy, and some popular formats like FLAC don’t work at all.

WALTR 2 has become a popular alternative to iTunes. It wirelessly transfers music, video, ebooks, ringtones and more to iPhone or iPad, regardless of file type. That means no need for converters, operating like a simple drag and drop file manager. And right now, you can get WALTR 2 on Mac or PC for just $19.95 at Cult of Mac Deals


Ultimately, WALTR 2 makes it a snap to get media files onto your iOS device quickly, without worrying about whether the format is supported. Additionally, it sports tricks like automatic file conversion for audio and video. That means it converts any unsupported format on the fly, for seamless playback with no quality loss. On top of all that, it recognizes and organizes files based on a variety of metadata, and integrates with Apple Music for easy uploads. Finally, and maybe coolest of all, it works on devices all the way back to the 2001 iPod classic.

Buy now: Get WALTR 2 for $19.95
, that’s half off the usual price.

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