iPhone 8 leak doesn’t feature Apple’s usual level of polish

It has been quite a weekend for Apple. First it accidentally leaked the iPhone 8 design
in HomePod code—revealing the much-talked about bezel-less design and face detecting feature—and now images of a prototype have hit the web that show off a surprisingly unpolished look.

The images come courtesy of Weibo
, giving us a wrap around look at a reported prototype of the iPhone 8. It looks like every other leak we’ve seen of the expected bezel-less iPhone with key details like vertical dual camera and enlarged home button present. The model shown off in the images is the silver version with the white front display and silver back.

The thing that truly captures our eye from the pictures is just how unsightly the design is. Granted, this is just a supposed prototype, but boy is it an eyesore. The overall design looks quite familiar to past iPhones, but the odd choice to have a polished metal frame that is glossy doesn’t look great in the images. The juxtaposition of sleek glass panels on the front and back with the polish frame just doesn’t go well together at all.

There have been reports that claim Apple will not release multiple colors of iPhone 8, including the silver model. Apple will instead settle for a few color options that will have the black front displays.

More of these reported prototypes will likely start popping up the closer we get to the announcement in September.

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