This page is a collection of links to blogs/resources I find interesting.

It’s mostly just a place for me to dump links that I want to remember to check every now and then when I’m bored. I figured other people might find it interesting too.


YouTube Channels

  • 3Blue1Brown
    : Videos on various math topics. His series on linear algebra in particular is fantastic.
  • Coding Math
    : A series of 50ish basic math lessons aimed at the kind of math you’ll used in video games. Every lesson shows the concepts implemented in little Javascript demos, and it’s really
    helpful to see how you actually use
    something once you learn the basic idea.
  • Makin’ Stuff Look Good
    : Videos about how to make things look good in Unity. The best part of the channel is the “shader case studies” where he looks at visual effects in various games and shows how to recreate them with a shader.


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