Telus launches Optik TV-exclusive comedy series called Android Employed

Canadian carrierTelushas launched its own comedy show called Android Employed.

Android Employed is a four part anthology series that’s solely available on Telus’ own on-demand service Optik TV. Jem Garrard , who also worked on Mech-X4, Unit Bryan and music videos for Linkin Park, created, wrote and directed the series.

Android Employed – Official Trailer
from Android Employed
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Android Employed is about a robot workforce joining our world and four different scenarios related to how this shift affects our lives. Episode one focuses on a family who acquires the new robot, episode two is about an accountant who loses his job to a robot, and episode three’s focal point a group of robots who are hired on as film production team. Lastly, episode four is about a robot who is employed as a kindergarten teacher.

Android Employed’s producers explained at their series’ premiere event that the anthology was “a labour of love” and that it took a significant amount of work from many people to create, as reported by


Garrard, the creator, would like the show to carry on either with the anthology format or spin off one of the four episodes in the near future.

The show stars, Ryan Beil from iZombie, Sarah Canning from Vampire Diaries, Andrea Bang from Kim’s Convenience and Sonja Bennett from Supernatural.

Source: 604Now

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