This Week in Mobile Web Development (#143)

Mobile Web Weekly February 1, 2017 #143

Brian Rinaldi recommends

Ionic 2.0: Framework For Building Mobile Apps with Angular

Ionic 2.0 comes with new cross-platform components with Material Design support, a native features plugin system, and enhanced performance.

Official Ionic Blog

Brian Rinaldi recommends

Google Introduces API for Testing ‘Mobile-Friendliness’

— You can now test whether Google thinks your site is “mobile-friendly” via an API, allowing you to automate the process.


Holly Schinsky recommends

Today’s Mobile App Development Landscape

— The array of choices in the mobile app world, both native and Web-based, can lead to a paralysis in decision making. See how one company analysed their options.



Build your gem of an app on our jewel of a server. Linode: Simple. Reliable. Powerful. Fast.

— Create your ultimate app using the cloud’s fastest, most scalable, powerful and reliable SSD servers: Linode. Use promo code MOBILEWEB20 for a $20 credit.


Brian Rinaldi recommends

Chrome on iOS is Now Open Source

— Up until now, Chrome for iOS was not part of the open source code on the Chromium project.

Rohit Rao

Brian Rinaldi recommends

Ionic 2 Brings Performance Improvements and New Native Plugin System

— An overview of the significant changes in Ionic 2.

James Chesters

Brian Rinaldi recommends

We Built A PWA From Scratch, This Is What We Learned

— Technical lessons/tips picked up from a team building their first PWA.

Hjörtur Hilmarsson

Peter Cooper recommends

Building a Morphing Hamburger Menu with CSS

— A developer saw an attractive hamburger menu expansion effect and set out to replicate it with CSS only.

Luis Manuel

Brian Rinaldi recommends

Making ‘input type=date’ Complicated

— A look at ‘input type=date’ that leads to discussion of whether widgets on all browsers should behave the same.

Peter-Paul Koch

Holly Schinsky recommends

Getting Started with Ionic 2 by Building A Markdown App

— A getting started guide to Ionic 2 by walking through the creation of an editor where you can type Markdown and switch to a rendered view.

Amit Merchant

Holly Schinsky recommends

Syncing with Couchbase in an Ionic 2 App using PouchDB

Syncing with Couchbase in an Ionic 2 App using PouchDB

Nic Raboy

Brian Rinaldi recommends

Mixed Content and Responsive Images

— Images defined in a ‘picture’ element on an encrypted page (i.e. https) will not load if they are served from an unencrypted context (i.e. http).

Jonathan Snook

Holly Schinsky recommends

The Underestimated Power of Color on Mobile

— Important points on color in apps, and how to choose colors/contrasts for the best usability.

Nick Babich

Brian Rinaldi recommends

What’s Up with Firefox, The Browser That Time Forgot?

— A look at what happened at Mozilla in recent years and how it plans to revitalize Firefox (including mobile versions).

Walt Mossberg

Holly Schinsky recommends

React Navigation for React Native

— A flexible navigation library including customizable views for React Native and routers for any platform.

React Navigation

Holly Schinsky recommends

A React Native + Salesforce Mobile SDK Sample Application

— A sample Employee Directory/Org Chart app built with React Native and the Salesforce Mobile SDK.

Christophe Coenraets

Holly Schinsky recommends

cordova-plugin-native-keyboard: Fancy Messenger Style Chat Keyboard for Cordova Apps

cordova-plugin-native-keyboard: Fancy Messenger Style Chat Keyboard for Cordova Apps

Eddy Verbruggen

Holly Schinsky recommends

Simple Ionic2 App Using Auth and MobX To Manage Authentication State

Simple Ionic2 App Using Auth and MobX To Manage Authentication State

Aaron K Saunders

Brian Rinaldi recommends

What Are Your Thoughts On Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)?

— An open (and civilized) discussion on the pros and cons of AMP.

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