LLVM Weekly – #121, Apr 25th 2016

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Congratulations to the eight students who have been selected for LLVM projects on Google Summer of Code this year
. There’s about a month before they start coding. The time between now and then is the ‘community bonding period’, so please do make them feel welcome.

The preliminary release schedule for LLVM/Clang 3.8.1 hasbeen published. This would have a deadline of May 25th for requesting changes to be merged and would see the final release on June 15th.

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LLVM commits

  • An implementation of optimisation bisection support has landed. This helps to track down bugs by allowing optimisations to be selectively disabled at compile-time to identify the one introducing a miscompile.r267022.

  • The AArch64 and ARM thread pointer intrinsics have been merged to make a target-independent llvm.thread.pointer

  • The llvm.load.relative intrinsic has been added.r267233.

  • There have been more changes to DebugInfo which will require a bitcode upgrade. A script to perform this upgrade is linked in the commit message.r27296.

  • The ORC JIT API improved its support for RPC, including support for calling functions with return values.r266581.

  • The patchable-function function attribution has been introduced, indicating that the function should be easily patchable at runtime.r266715.

  • The IntrReadArgMem intrinsic property has been split in to IntrReadMem and IntrArgMemOnly.r267021.

  • The MachineCombiner gained the ability to combine AArch64 fmul and fadd in to an fmadd.r267328.

  • Scheduling itineraries were added for Sparc, specifically for the LEON processors.r267121.

Clang commits

  • A prototype of an include fixing tool was created. The indexer remains to be written.r266870.

  • A new warning has been added, which will trigger if the compiler tries to make an implicit instantiation of a template but cannot find the template definition.r266719.

  • Initial driver flags for EfficiencySanitizer were added.r267059.

Other project commits

  • The initial EfficiencySanitizer base runtime library was added to compiler-rt. It doesn’t do much of anything yet.r267060.

  • LLD learned to support the linkerscript ALIGN command.r267145.

  • LLDB can now parse EABI attributes for an ELF input.r267291.

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