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As an eCommerce business you can do better than your competition by allowing your customers to customize product that they want to order. Of course not all products can be customized but if you deal in a product which renders itself well to customization – by allowing the customer to do so, you are engaging the customer at a deeper creative level. So now the transaction does not remain merely a financial transaction for her, but the customer is invested at an emotional level with the product since she has designed it herself.

Some examples of businesses that really do this well are :


Shoes of Prey allow customers to design their own shoes. They do a really good job at making it very easy for customers to design and then order her shoe.


1 Atelier allow their customers to design their own Hand Bags. You can choose a bag type from among all the options available – whether a tote or a clutch or something else. Then you choose the hardware, piping, leather finish for the various parts and you are ready to checkout.

Since we do most of our ecommerce development on SpreeCommerce, we set out to build something that could be available off the shelf.We experimented with Shoes and T-shirts and have made decent progress and that is what is presented here.

You can play with the SpreeCommerce demo at http://3d.domain4now.com/
. Signup as a new customer to get access to the functionality on the demo site.

You can also follow thislink to view snapshots of demonstration of SpreeCommerce Product Customization.

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