Trivadis PL/SQL & SQL CodeChecker Released

In August 2009 Trivadis – the company I work for – released the first version of their PL/SQL & SQL Coding Guidelines. Back then we made our PL/SQL assessments based on interviews and checked the code against our guidelines using Code Xpert, SQL*Plus scripts and some manual/visual checks. You may imagine that this approach had some shortcomings, especially if you think about repeating the process after some corrections.

Back than the idea was born to build a tool which allows to run the checks fully automated and make it part of our continuous integration environment.

Today I’m proud to release the first public beta version of TVDCC – the Trivadis PL/SQL & SQL CodeChecker. TVDCC is a file based command line utility and does not require a connection to an Oracle database at any time. Simply run

tvdcc path=.

to scan the current directory including all subdirectories for SQL*Plus files and to create HTML and Excel reports.

See mydownload areafor more information about TVDCC and to grab your copy of TVDCC. Any feedback is highly appreciated.

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