Marketing and Branding Wins and Losses From E3 2017

E3, the video game industry’s massive annual conference, wraps up today. During the show, companies including Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo get the chance to impress and excite their fans with soon-to-be-released products. It’s a competition for hype and loyalty.

A number of journalists already seem fed up
with the yearly pilgrimage to Los Angeles. Wired’s
Julie Muncy summed it up
: “E3 is increasingly irrelevant in an age of downloadable games and subscription models. The games industry itself is the only entity keeping score based on which company can make the boldest, most exciting proclamations.”

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For those of us at home though, E3 can be a select-your-own spectacle, with oodles of juicy game trailers (
God of War


Super Mario Odyssey


Metroid Prime 4

!) hitting the internet. Consumers like to be teased, even if they end up disappointed.

Here are some illuminating moments from this year’s E3 — and what all types of companies can learn from them.

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