Apple Watch, iPad and Mac sales up, confounding doomsayers

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OPINION: All the doomsayers that predicted iPad sales were in a death spiral and that even if Apple Watch sold, it wouldn’t matter, look silly now.

Apple doom and gloom. It’s an industry all its own, primarily for the click bait, but also because some so-called journalists have an incredible and inexplicable hatred for Apple.

Shining lights of reason and logic do exist, and they make for brilliant reading. Sadly, they are in the minority, but they do work hard to dispel the sheer nonsense written by so many out there.

This article is being written because Apple’s most recent results, from last week, showed that its Apple Watch and iPad sales are up, as noted here in Mashable and here at iTWire in an article entitled “ Apple reports sales rise; iPads, Macs lead the way ”.

iTWire reported iPhone sales up, despite normally slowing sales in the third quarter, with Mac sales rising by 6.7%, a third quarter of increases in an era of endless PC sales decreases. iPad sales were up 1.9% and shipments rising 15%, with Mashable noting Apple CEO Tim Cook stating “Watch sales are up 50% year-over-year.”

So, when you read of doom and gloom when Apple reports this kind of incredible result, in what is supposed to be the quietest quarter when everyone expects the Christmas quarter to be the most spectacular for the year, the doomsayers end up looking like dumb, dumber, dumberer and dumbererer still.

Which is pretty damn dumb.

So, who are the good guys who use that aforementioned logic and reason when it comes to Apple coverage, rather than irrational hate?

There are a few of note, and I’d like to start with Macworld’s legenadry Macalope .

He continually skewers the doomsayers, the biased, the lazy and the stupid when it comes to anti-Apple coverage, and he’s very funny, too. A definite must read of brilliance and excellence in a sea of absolute mediocrity.

Another must-read for sanity and logic is AppleInsider’s Daniel Eran Dilger . This man is a true journalist, one who seeks facts and shares them with readers, dispelling myths the way a lightsaber slices arms off.

If your intelligence has ever been insulted by so-called journalists and reporters who openly admit to not using iPhones, Apple Watches, iPads or indeed any Apple products at all, yet only have bad opinions and bad things to say about them, Daniel Eran Dilger’s analysis is a true breath of fresh air.

Jim Dalrymple’s The Loop is another must-read source of Apple news and insight, and he and his colleague Dave Mark talk about a lot of other tech subjects, too.

No list of Apple sanity is complete without Daring Fireball’s John Gruber who is one of the very best brains when it comes to Apple news and views out there – and he does love quirky news, James Bond, Baseball and more, but he’s primarily all about Apple.

The incomparable MacDailyNews is also a must-read, where its authors love smashing stupidity about Apple to smithereens, taking naysayers to task, celebrating all the good things Apple, and not shying away from dishing out criticism to Apple when it is deserved.

There are other great Apple sites out there – MacRumors , 9to5Mac , Cult of Mac , the excellent Apple news aggregation site that is MacSurfer , Two Guys and a Podcast , the aforementioned AppleInsider and Macworld itself, from whence the Macalope comes.

Apple’s own Newsroom is another for your list , while Apple’s keynote events are must-watch , every single time, for you get to see the future each time, and you get to see how Apple’s events blow competitors away, with Apple putting in more effort into its videos alone than its competitors put into entire product lines.

In a world of sheer anti-Apple insanity, blatant anti-Apple bias, horrific anti-Apple hatred and all around moronic stupidity, there are several oases of logic, sanity and reason out there on the Internet as you can see from the links above.

The above authors also have integrity, like MacDailyNews – they will all take Apple to task when there are things they disagree with. You couldn’t have integrity, honesty and honour otherwise, things sadly lacking for the haters and biased out there.

Indeed, you can lead a man or woman to knowledge, but you can’t make him or her think.

Use your brain.

Learn to think for yourself, don’t put up with being told what to think, and you’ll certainly enjoy thinking different, and when it comes to privacy, thinking differential.


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